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New Clubhouse

Greenville Country Club

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Date Completed: 2017

Project Cost: $15.5 million

Construction Cost: $12.7 million

Architect: Chambers

General Contractor: Harper Corporation

Formed in 1905, Greenville Country Club carefully evaluated its existing clubhouse and pool facilities and determined that significant upgrades were required to continue to provide the excellent service and value to which its members were accustomed. Several options, including renovation and expansion of the existing clubhouse were considered. Ultimately, club leadership determined that replacement of the existing facility was the only viable solution.

The new 45,000 sq. ft. clubhouse accommodates traditional private club functions and uses while also appealing to an increasingly younger and more diverse membership. The program for the new facility includes expanded family dining areas, fitness and wellness programs, locker rooms, kitchen and food preparation areas, and special accommodations for its growing junior golf and tennis programs.

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Mike Smith, Building Committee Chairman