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SamePageTM Workshop Overview

SamePage is Collins’ signature workshop and it’s how we like to start projects—with everyone on the same page.

A SamePage Workshop clarifies goals and project boundaries right at the start. It aligns the entire team to each project’s goals, promotes collaborative and creative solutions, and streamlines communication. In SamePage Workshops, owners, architects, contractors and consultants share previous experiences, become a team, and declare their project-specific accountabilities to one another. As a result, projects happen more economically and, generally, with less drama.

Like the name says, our proven methodology helps get everyone on the same page, and pulling in the same direction.  In our SamePage workshop, we unpack project parameters as well as the experiences each member brings from past projects.  Interestingly, we’ve found that lots of folks have never been involved in a group effort where teamwork was truly realized.  We delve into styles, approaches, accountability, clarify areas of responsibility, etc.  It works. 

From SamePage, we find that the project team operates more smoothly, everyone understands the process and their role, communication flows, trust and collaboration increases; and it’s just more fun.  It’s not a 100% cure all, but it improves things tremendously and we’re all ready for the inevitable bump in the road and have a game plan for how to deal with it when it arises.

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